Water DropMany of our brides get overwhelmed by the amount and the intricacy of planning a wedding. After a few days of exaltedness and looking at the ring 24/7, reality sets in and they are faced with the very real and very costly process of putting together the show of their lifetime. Let’s face it, no other social event ever competes with your wedding day. U.S. couples spend on average $30K, with many celebrity couples spending in the whereabouts of millions. Yikes. And there’s so much to do in such a short time! That brings me to my water and stone phrase. As my New Year’s resolution, I have decided to tone up my quads. With very little time during the day (and forget an hour long trip to the gym lol) I did my diligent search online to find the best exercise to achieve this goal. Surprisingly, I didn’t need to purchase any equipment. Every single website I found said loud and clear-do squats and chair pose. Realizing that the only consistent quiet time I have is during brushing my teeth at night (solid 2 minutes!) I decided to brush while staying in the chair pose. Lol. NOT easy to do while you in the pose, but easy enough to stick with it. Only two minutes a day, consistently … Do you get it? Next time you get overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done on your wedding, take a deep breath, lock yourself in a room for half an hour and do one thing! And the next day-the second thing, and the next day … 🙂 And if you can hold the chair pose while you are working-that’s even better! As water droplets will wear away the stone, you’ll start to see the end of the tunnel soon enough. P.S. For all those wondering-my quads are looking really good!