When designing and producing an event in a park like setting, it is refreshing to see elements of nature being represented indoors. We mimicked organic elements of the Brooklyn Bridge park setting in this breathtaking wedding production. Cody Raisig Photography.


Wedding cake is still high up on everyone’s wedding list, right behind the first dance and parental dances.

What started off as a custom of breaking a loaf of bread over Bride’s head to “shower” her with crumbs and guests diving onto the floor to gather the remnants for “good luck,” later evolved into giving each guests a piece of cake so they can place it under their pillow for good luck (and yes, for all single ladies to dream of their future husband). Then came smashing the cake into each other’s face. Luckily, for the sake of a perfect bridal make up, cake face smashing is also a dying tradition. And as the wedding cake still stands front and center at many weddings, its role as a dessert served to all guests is changing and adapting to our modern tastes and healthier food choices. Our clients and chefs we work with get creative with different dessert options that reflect Bride and Groom’s tastes more appropriately. Cake cubes, rice krispy treats, icecream stations and “home baked” goodies are gaining momentum.

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I love New York City! But even more than being in the city I love the view of the city! Luckily for all the cosmopolitan Brides and Grooms out there, New Jersey has some outstanding venues that will give you that option. Liberty House, Maritime Parc and fairly new and outstanding Battello in Jersey City. Take a look and see one of our recent weddings that took place there. Amazing food, great space and yes, breathtaking views! Thank you Cody Raisig for capturing the beauty of the evening! codyraising.com


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We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing decor that represents YOU on your big day. Trends and fads come and go, but your wedding photos will be with you forever! We, at Pumpkin Coach Events, pride ourselves on creating unique and one of a kind events. From custom made crystal votives, to unique flowers and custom stationery. No event is alike, as we are all different! Feast your eyes on this one of a kind fall wedding with some bling, some gold and some greenery! Photography by Brian Dorsey Studios.

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Gio and Melissa pronounced their love to each other on a warm September day at Melissa’s family home. With her romantic bouquet, fairytale gown and whimsical wedding slippers-Melissa was an ethereal beauty!

Everyone felt special and welcomed as they were treated to a refreshing drinks from the lemonade stand. Ceremony followed in the sailcloth peaked tent in the front of the family home. As Gio waited for Melissa to arrive, the wedding party processed from the house’s main door, giving guests a glimpse of the processional and making the beloved house the focal point of the ceremony. Even her pooch made the processional as the ring bearer!

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed poolside cocktails. Beautifully engraved escort cards were displayed on an oversized frame. Reception followed in another tent, set with reclaimed wood royal tables and sparkly gold guest tables, adorned with whimsical colorful centerpieces. To complete the romantic look, round chandeliers with overflowing greenery and candlelight were suspended from the tent’s ceiling.

Each and every detail was unique and Pumpkin Coach Events had an amazing time designing and planning Melissa and Gio’s special day. Enjoy the photos by the super talented Endless Wave Studios!

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Surroundings as well as our lovely Bride looked breathtaking on this beautiful autumn day. Pumpkin Coach Events, award winning event design and planning company, assisted Kristina and Steve with the design and planning of their magical day at the Fiddler’s Elbow CC in Bedminster, NJ.

Kristina chose rich autumn colors for her bouquet palette and same bold colors to adorn guests’ tables. These alternated with luscious two-tone green tree like structures that brought a bit of outside inside.

Neither passing showers nor gusty winds stop them from enjoying their outside ceremony overlooking breathtaking greens.

Even their beloved pooches, adorned with bowties, behaved as in the acknowledgement of this auspicious day.

As their guest book, Kristina and Steve chose a family heirloom dictionary. Guests marked and commented on the entries they thought were most suited to the lovely couple.


Photography by Brian Dorsey Studios, briandorseystudios.com
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Alison and Jon hired Pumpkin Coach Events to design, plan and oversee their wedding day. We were truly excited to be back at the glorious Jasna Polana in Princeton, NJ. Inspired by the high dome ceiling of the ballroom, we’ve decided on tall  spiky floral arrangements  alternating with tall round floral centerpieces in Bride and Groom’s favorite color-blue. Beautiful navy and silver striped chargers and artfully folded ivory napkins tied with navy ribbon made the guests’ tables look outstanding. We used luxurious Veneto Vanilla Damask linens to complete the look.

Alison and Jon were married in a Quaker ceremony in the lush gardens of Jasna Polana, in front of their antique cupola. Quakers have a simple approach to “meeting for worship” – gather in a group, sit in expectant silence, connect with your higher power, and rise to share messages that come. Quakers treat the wedding ceremony as a special, “called” meeting for worship. The ceremony is mostly silent, meditative worship, with several brief rituals for the Bride and Groom: sharing vows, signing a certificate, and exchanging rings.

All guests were seated in a semicircle while Bride and Groom were in the center front on a beautifully decorated bench.

We wanted to carry the roundness of the cupola as well as the symbolism of semicircle seating through out the ceremony design. In lieu of expected arches that typically flank Bride and Groom we came up with an idea of using different height antique looking lanterns filled with lush and colorful flowers and trailing greenery.

There were also curious and unique looking topiaries of 2 ducks and a goose! Alison and Jon “adopted” these animals that live by their local pond and decided to incorporate them in their wedding. Line drawings of them were also present on their wedding stationery.

Have a peak into their beautiful, unique and very personal day!

Photos compliments of Kyo Morishima.




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There are many elements to consider when planning and designing your wedding. A crucial item to consider is the lighting you choose for your special day. Here are a few examples of types of lighting and why they can be so beneficial for your wedding.

Uplighting incorporates light fixtures that are set along the perimeter of the room adding vibrancy and color to the venue. Depending on what package you choose with your vendor, you can select a single color, matching colors to emphasize your décor, or an array of colors to really create a fun atmosphere. This is one of the easiest ways to transform your event space into something even more beautiful.

Another fun and beautiful type of lighting to use for your wedding is pin spotting! This is a slim light that can spotlight your centerpieces, wedding cake, sweetheart table, and more. This is a great way to highlight all of the little details, creating a stunning atmosphere in combination with your other lighting.

Lastly, a gobo allows you to design a certain template or image to project onto the ceiling, dance floor, or walls at your reception. This may also be called texture lighting. Monogram lighting is a unique way to display your names and wedding date for all of your guests to see.

Below are a few examples from some of our past weddings we designed at Pumpkin Coach Events. You can see how their choice of lighting truly transformed the room into something memorable. Happy Planning!

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This week, Agnieshka, owner and head planner/designer of Pumpkin Coach Events, celebrated 10 wonderful years with her hubby. Today, we celebrate and reflect on all of the romance we have had and were able to have witnessed over the years. One of our favorite things to ask our bride and groom to be is how they got engaged. Agnieshka said “Yes” to her husband over a romantic candlelit dinner, with her ring sparkling in her champagne glass, and years later they are still smiling with two beautiful kids! Many people get so overwhelmed about creating the perfect proposal, so we thought sharing a few of our couples’ stories may get your creative juices flowing!

During the Fall season, a sweet young man surprised his girlfriend with carved out pumpkins that said: “Will You Marry Me?” Another man created a clever puzzle that required his girlfriend to put all of the pieces together to see her proposal. One of our other grooms proposed to his girlfriend over a romantic sushi dinner, which was what they ate for their first date. A gentleman who always loved making breakfast with his girlfriend, surprised her and made pancake cut outs to pop the big question.

All of these were simple proposals, yet wonderfully creative and romantic. If you’re still stuck, think about what special places, traditions, and memories you share with your significant other and see what ideas come to mind. If you are still stuck, no need to worry! People hire proposal planners as well as wedding planners, so we take care of all of the details, and you just show up on the big day with a smile, a ring, and your heartfelt words. Happy proposal-ing from us at Pumpkin Coach Events! ☺


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Everyone wants a fun, beautiful wedding that they will always remember. At Pumpkin Coach Events, we have created and designed events at some of the most stunning, venues. If you are looking for a unique space, explore the option of having your wedding at a place you may consider to be, out of the ordinary. Here are a few examples from our experience, that made for a lovely day, full of history!

The Highline Hotel, located in the heart of NYC, features gothic architecture from the 1800s and remnants of the General Theological Seminary, with a modern fusion. Their Parisian style landscape and peaceful enclosed property, creates a unique separation from the fast-paced Manhattan scene.

The Jasna Polana mansion located in Princeton, NJ, was designed by Wallace K. Harrison and built in the 1970s. This 226-acre property was the former home of John and Barbara Johnson. Mrs. Johnson was an art historian and her collections filled the estate. After her husband passed, she moved and the property became a private country club in the late 90s. The former indoor swimming pool was covered and converted into the reception hall, featuring a stunning panoramic view of the property.

The Guggenheim Museum, founded in the late 1930s is based in NYC. The current building was designed by the infamous Frank Lloyd Wright. This venue features an ever-growing collection of contemporary, modern, and impressionist art, creating a classic, artistic option for a wedding venue, full of history.

The New York Botanical Gardens, located in the Bronx, is a National Historic Landmark, and a voice for the plant kingdom. If you are a plant or nature lover, this venue’s 250 acres featuring over one million plants, 50 gardens, and water features, will certainly not disappoint.

These are just a few examples of many unique venues out there. Regardless of where you may choose for your big day, make sure it makes you smile! Happy planning from us at Pumpkin Coach Events.

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