To all of Pumpkin Coach Events clients for trusting us, loving us and spreading good words about us by writing awesome reviews that led us to winning this prestigious “The Knot pick” award! We are beyond ecstatic and  happy!

Marina and Mark partied at the beautiful Madison Hotel in Morristown and exchanged their vows at the picturesque Russian Orthodox Church in Little Falls. But it was Marina that constantly took her guests breath away 🙂 see for yourself!

Pumpkin Coach Events was honored to work with Dianne and Ian for almost two years on their 7.7.12 wedding. Dianne is one classy gal and was looking for something sophisticated, elegant and modern. We suggested Addison Park and they both fell in love with the venue. (We were not surprised 🙂

Agnieshka, the head wedding planner and designer of Pumpkin Coach Events, was truly inspired with the theme and message that the couple wanted to convey. Dianne’s mom and Ian’s dad passed away few years prior to their wedding day. Couple wanted to honor them in a subtle, beautiful way- by incorporating butterflies in their wedding theme and decor. In many cultures, butterflies are considered as human souls. Agnieshka created wedding stationery using creme and gold, incorporating beautiful images of butterflies. There was a butterfly wishing tree and butterfly place cards. Towards the end of  the night, Bride and Groom released chinese lanterns as another symbol of oneness of it all. 

The biggest perk of my job is meeting and interacting with so many wonderful people. I do not believe that wisdom is accomplished through on line search or book studying. Wisdom comes from human interaction, experiencing the world and “taking part” in your life. That’s why I am always “ears” and ready to be a sounding board. Here are a few words of wisdom from girls that have been there and done that!

1. Don’t try to do it alone! Weddings are very intricate and having professional help will pay off.

2. A lot of people will try to “take over” your day and convince you that one way is better than the other. Listen to your gut feeling and go with what you and your fiancee dreamed it. It is YOUR day, plus you can’t make everyone happy, anyway.

3. Don’t take everything and everyone too seriously. Have fun with your wedding planning process!

4. Don’t be afraid to add unique and quirky elements to your wedding day.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff. In the end, what matters most is that two of you are getting MARRIED!

6. Get a videographer! It is, almost always, the last, and often skipped service, but A LOT of our brides regret not getting one.

7. Take dance lessons together, do yoga together, go to pre-Cana or whatever you can do together as a couple to mark this very special moment in your life-when you are together-but not a husband and wife yet …

8. And please don’t hire family and friends as your vendors! It never ends well …

I love the D-days 🙂 When everything in my head is compartmentalized and organized to the last second of the evening! I am as excited as my clients to see everything come together in real time, in real life. I LOVE weddings! Here’s one of the most recent Pumpkin Coach Events weddings. Lauren and Mat. The perfect couple. Goggly eyes and all :)))) And their wedding was absolutely stunning! From the beautiful venue: Short Hills HILTON, to lighting (Infinity Studios), flowers (Jardiniere) and WOW! the band: La Fiesta! Everybody worked so hard to create a perfect evening for all the loved ones and the couple. Lauren looked STUNNING, Matt had a permanent smile, one you see when someone wins a lottery … Here are some amateur photos to wet your appetite, more to come, compliments of their lovely photo and video production co.-Lifetyme Photo and Video. Stay tuned!

Water DropMany of our brides get overwhelmed by the amount and the intricacy of planning a wedding. After a few days of exaltedness and looking at the ring 24/7, reality sets in and they are faced with the very real and very costly process of putting together the show of their lifetime. Let’s face it, no other social event ever competes with your wedding day. U.S. couples spend on average $30K, with many celebrity couples spending in the whereabouts of millions. Yikes. And there’s so much to do in such a short time! That brings me to my water and stone phrase. As my New Year’s resolution, I have decided to tone up my quads. With very little time during the day (and forget an hour long trip to the gym lol) I did my diligent search online to find the best exercise to achieve this goal. Surprisingly, I didn’t need to purchase any equipment. Every single website I found said loud and clear-do squats and chair pose. Realizing that the only consistent quiet time I have is during brushing my teeth at night (solid 2 minutes!) I decided to brush while staying in the chair pose. Lol. NOT easy to do while you in the pose, but easy enough to stick with it. Only two minutes a day, consistently … Do you get it? Next time you get overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done on your wedding, take a deep breath, lock yourself in a room for half an hour and do one thing! And the next day-the second thing, and the next day … 🙂 And if you can hold the chair pose while you are working-that’s even better! As water droplets will wear away the stone, you’ll start to see the end of the tunnel soon enough. P.S. For all those wondering-my quads are looking really good!

Yeah! Pumpkin Coach Events is super excited about our most recent press coverage-Caryn and Edwin-the hip and uber cool couple in the latest issue of New Jersey Bride, see for yourself! We had so much fun assisting with centerpieces decor, designing personalized scroll invitation and entire stationery suite. Oh yeah, as well as the super crazy entertainment!

All images by extremely talented Kate Connolly 🙂

The more things change, the more they stay the same … For every uber modern bride that wants to revolutionize wedding industry, there’s one that ever so gently includes the good old-fashion traditions into her wedding day. For every couple that chooses seeing each other prior to the ceremony, there’s one that strictly sticks to the first glimpse while walking down the aisle. As much as I love different and unique weddings, I have a soft spot for traditional elements and honoring one’s heritage. One of my “dear to my heart” couples has chosen to incorporate beautiful embroidered cloth made out of piña, a fabric made from pineapple leaves and used in traditional Filipino clothing. I can’t wait to incorporate this subtle, yet so powerful element in their beautiful wedding decor!

Winter weddings are upon us. Below see some beautiful, inspirational photos for creating a winter wonderland decor as well as some pretty cooky and fun winter favor idea for your guests.

All images by Grace Ormond. And now for a fun, unexpected and a bit cooky favor. Make your own snow in seconds! You pack it in a beautiful container, enclose directions on how to (add water, so container must be waterproof) and voila! Everyone will have fun, who doesn’t like the snow?! Happy planning!