When designing and producing an event in a park like setting, it is refreshing to see elements of nature being represented indoors. We mimicked organic elements of the Brooklyn Bridge park setting in this breathtaking wedding production. Cody Raisig Photography.  

Wedding cake is still high up on everyone’s wedding list, right behind the first dance and parental dances. What started off as a custom of breaking a loaf of bread over Bride’s head to “shower” her with crumbs and guests diving onto the floor to gather the remnants for “good luck,” later evolved into giving […]

We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing decor that represents YOU on your big day. Trends and fads come and go, but your wedding photos will be with you forever! We, at Pumpkin Coach Events, pride ourselves on creating unique and one of a kind events. From custom made crystal votives, to unique flowers and […]

Gio and Melissa pronounced their love to each other on a warm September day at Melissa’s family home. With her romantic bouquet, fairytale gown and whimsical wedding slippers-Melissa was an ethereal beauty! Everyone felt special and welcomed as they were treated to a refreshing drinks from the lemonade stand. Ceremony followed in the sailcloth peaked tent in the front of the […]

There are many elements to consider when planning and designing your wedding. A crucial item to consider is the lighting you choose for your special day. Here are a few examples of types of lighting and why they can be so beneficial for your wedding. Uplighting incorporates light fixtures that are set along the perimeter […]

This week, Agnieshka, owner and head planner/designer of Pumpkin Coach Events, celebrated 10 wonderful years with her hubby. Today, we celebrate and reflect on all of the romance we have had and were able to have witnessed over the years. One of our favorite things to ask our bride and groom to be is how they […]

Everyone wants a fun, beautiful wedding that they will always remember. At Pumpkin Coach Events, we have created and designed events at some of the most stunning, venues. If you are looking for a unique space, explore the option of having your wedding at a place you may consider to be, out of the ordinary. Here are […]