Wedding cake is still high up on everyone’s wedding list, right behind the first dance and parental dances.

What started off as a custom of breaking a loaf of bread over Bride’s head to “shower” her with crumbs and guests diving onto the floor to gather the remnants for “good luck,” later evolved into giving each guests a piece of cake so they can place it under their pillow for good luck (and yes, for all single ladies to dream of their future husband). Then came smashing the cake into each other’s face. Luckily, for the sake of a perfect bridal make up, cake face smashing is also a dying tradition. And as the wedding cake still stands front and center at many weddings, its role as a dessert served to all guests is changing and adapting to our modern tastes and healthier food choices. Our clients and chefs we work with get creative with different dessert options that reflect Bride and Groom’s tastes more appropriately. Cake cubes, rice krispy treats, icecream stations and “home baked” goodies are gaining momentum.

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