Gio and Melissa pronounced their love to each other on a warm September day at Melissa’s family home. With her romantic bouquet, fairytale gown and whimsical wedding slippers-Melissa was an ethereal beauty!

Everyone felt special and welcomed as they were treated to a refreshing drinks from the lemonade stand. Ceremony followed in the sailcloth peaked tent in the front of the family home. As Gio waited for Melissa to arrive, the wedding party processed from the house’s main door, giving guests a glimpse of the processional and making the beloved house the focal point of the ceremony. Even her pooch made the processional as the ring bearer!

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed poolside cocktails. Beautifully engraved escort cards were displayed on an oversized frame. Reception followed in another tent, set with reclaimed wood royal tables and sparkly gold guest tables, adorned with whimsical colorful centerpieces. To complete the romantic look, round chandeliers with overflowing greenery and candlelight were suspended from the tent’s ceiling.

Each and every detail was unique and Pumpkin Coach Events had an amazing time designing and planning Melissa and Gio’s special day. Enjoy the photos by the super talented Endless Wave Studios!

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