Hello brides!

We all have this one favorite type of clothing, accessory or a thing that we love. With all the money that you spend on your wedding, don’t forget about celebrating yourself and your personality. Put some monies aside and try to create this one thing, just for yourself, the thing that every time you use it, wear it, look at it — you’ll remember your wedding day. Sadly — you only wear your wedding gown once 🙁

Design your wedding band. Work with a millinery designer to create one a kind veil/headpiece (my absolute favorite- Leah C. couture http://www.leahc.com/). Design custom necklace or earrings. Or even buy a designer lingerie or a luxurious pair of shoes that you’ll wear on special occasions…

I mean, do something out of ordinary, something you would have never done if it wasn’t for your wedding, put your style, your personality into it, make it expensive and special. You’ll appreciate it and enjoy it 5, 10, 15 years after your wedding.