Hey there!

I know you are busy, no matter what planning stage you are at, but while you are running around, driving your car or sitting at your desk try these quick fixes!

Contract your glutes for 2 minutes at a time, few times a day. You’ll be surprised how this will tone your derriere!

Whenever you get a chance, drop on the floor and do as many sets of push up as you can, also staying in the plank is great to tone your arms, stomach and back muscles.

Take a minute few times a day, close your eyes and while counting to ten and breathing slowly in and out , starting with your toes and moving up your body, release the tension, one body part after another. You’ll feel so refreshed!

For baby soft skin use Weleda body oil right after the shower. And don’t forget to drink, every morning a luke warm water with a bit of lemon juice will do wonders to your skin 🙂

Have fun planning your wedding day!