Hello brides,

 A word of wisdom from the experienced cosmetic junkie: try to sleep, sleep, sleep a week into your wedding. Don’t count on catching those zzzs the night before the wedding. You WILL NOT sleep! Period. And nothing shows on those wonderful pics like dark circles … Plus you will not feel too hot. So sleep as much as you can!
Oxygen facial few days before your big day will do wonders as well. Try dr. Brandt NYC office, 212-889-7096 or Tracy Martyn, 212-206-9333. Oxygen facial increases skin elasticity, reduces lines and wrinkles while moisturizing the skin by the relaxing application of pure oxygen and an unique rejuvenation serum. Ask them to treat your lips as well. Instant no filler big pout effect! 🙂 And most of all-relax, enjoy your day, it happens only once 🙂