One of the most exciting moments in wedding planning is when the bride says “yes” to her perfect dress for the perfect day. During dress alterations, it seems almost every modern bride has a bustle put on her wedding gown. The use of the bustle goes as far back as the 1800s, but the style has evolved over time. During the Victorian era, brides wore a frame beneath their dress that acted as a bustle, supporting their backs in their extremely large dresses. Another common use of the bustle not long after, was adding a loop to the end of the train of the dress. After the ceremony, the bride would walk around with the loop on her wrist, creating a floating and graceful look. Today, you will see bustles made in many different forms of hooks or buttons on the back of dresses. This holds up the train of the dress during the reception, preventing the bottom of the dress from getting dirty, and eliminating the need to carry a heavy dress around all night. So, we thank you. Happy bustling and happy planning! Here are some Pumpkin Coach Events brides in their beautiful dresses!

bustle1 bustle2 bustle3 bustle4 bustle5 bustle6