I have yet to meet a good looking chair cover. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure they exist, in a fancy wedding magazine or a catalog, just not in my or your world. For those of you that follow my rants, you probably remember my utter resignation when it came to venues’ carpets and flooring. Someone somewhere has decided that floors don’t matter enough to make them attractive and stylish. This seems to be the case with a lot of chairs in many (not all!) NJ venues. Many years ago, when I worked in fashion, a lady I knew came up with a “brilliant” idea of creating a fashionable computer cover. An idea that could have possibly worked if it wasn’t for Apple computers lurking around the corner. You don’t want to cover your $5,000 indulge that looks better than your computer desk, right? Same goes for the venue chairs … Instead of covering them, why not get “the Apple” of the chairs? And if you do cover them, hmm … doesn’t it just rise a question–what flaws are you trying to hide under there??? Image below by Flowerful Events, chairs by Party Rental.