The biggest perk of my job is meeting and interacting with so many wonderful people. I do not believe that wisdom is accomplished through on line search or book studying. Wisdom comes from human interaction, experiencing the world and “taking part” in your life. That’s why I am always “ears” and ready to be a sounding board. Here are a few words of wisdom from girls that have been there and done that!

1. Don’t try to do it alone! Weddings are very intricate and having professional help will pay off.

2. A lot of people will try to “take over” your day and convince you that one way is better than the other. Listen to your gut feeling and go with what you and your fiancee dreamed it. It is YOUR day, plus you can’t make everyone happy, anyway.

3. Don’t take everything and everyone too seriously. Have fun with your wedding planning process!

4. Don’t be afraid to add unique and quirky elements to your wedding day.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff. In the end, what matters most is that two of you are getting MARRIED!

6. Get a videographer! It is, almost always, the last, and often skipped service, but A LOT of our brides regret not getting one.

7. Take dance lessons together, do yoga together, go to pre-Cana or whatever you can do together as a couple to mark this very special moment in your life-when you are together-but not a husband and wife yet …

8. And please don’t hire family and friends as your vendors! It never ends well …